Claim Portal for Prior Community Supporters


Past community members supporting past attempts at stablecoin FX such as Rainbow token stakers were announced airdrop eligibility. If your wallet address is eligible, then the claim portal described below will reflect your applicable amount as of snapshot block # 15281097.

See eligibility announcement here

How to Start Vesting Your XAV Tokens

Go to to trigger vesting

  1. Access the Claim Page: Navigate to to begin the process.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Once the screen has loaded, please connect your wallet to the Xave dApp. This step is crucial as it will display the amount of tokens available for you to claim. Please note, only whitelisted addresses will see an available token balance. If your address is not whitelisted, no balance will be displayed.

  3. Initiate Vesting: To start the vesting process, click on the "Start Vesting" button. You will then be asked to approve the transaction and pay the associated gas fees.

  4. Confirmation: After paying the gas fees and confirming a successful transaction, the user interface will indicate that you have officially started the vesting process.

  5. View Vesting Details: For detailed information on your vesting schedule and payouts, click on the "View on Sablier" button that will appear after you triggered vesting in Step 4. This will provide you with an overview of expected payout amount, the cliff period and other relevant details.

How to understand the Sablier Page?

The GREEN section displays your wallet's total allocated tokens. The blue circle shows the total amount of tokens to be claimed, while the orange segment inside it represents the portion you've already claimed. A full orange circle means all your tokens have been claimed.

The RED section provides details about your cliff period and additional pertinent information. If you have further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us through our Telegram or Discord community channels.

How to Start Withdrawing Your Tokens

  1. Withdraw Tokens: To withdraw your vested tokens, navigate to the bottom of the Sablier page, click on the "Withdraw" button (colored in Yellow above), and confirm the transaction with the required gas fees.

  2. Completion: After each successful withdrawal transaction, the process is complete, and your XAV tokens will be transferred to your wallet address.

  3. Transaction Review: For an overview of your withdrawal transactions, simply click on 'History'. This will display a list of all transactions associated with your wallet address on the Sablier interface.

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