Strategy # 1: Thetanuts

This stablecoin farming strategy routes liquidity through three components: the FX AMM, the Lending Market and Thetanut’s Stronghold options trading index product.
Possible Yield
Add liquidity (Single-sided or Multi-sided) to any of our pools (i.e. xSGD:USDC Pool)
(+) ~5% target variable APR earned from trading fees.
Highly dependent on trading activity per pool.
Deposit BPT token to Xave’s lending market as collateral
Use BPT token as collateral
Borrow USDC from Xave’s lending market
(-) % variable interest rate to be paid to the lender.
Highly dependent on demand for USDC in the Xave lending market.
Swap USDC to indexUSDC
(+) ~20% variable APR from Thetanuts USDC vault
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