How to Add Liquidity to FXPools

  1. Go to the pool page

  2. Choose the specific pool to which you intend to add liquidity, and then click on "Manage."

  1. Select the Add Liquidity tab

  1. Take note - this screenshot illustrates adding liquidity at the 74:26 LP ratio. This leads to a common question,“Why can’t I provide liquidity at FX rates?” (see Q&A below).

  2. Enter the amount(s) of liquidity you’d like to provide.

  3. Choose/ input the value of slippage tolerance (for single-sided liquidity ONLY)

  4. Click “Supply.”

  5. Confirmation modal with details will pop up, click “Confirm Supply.”

  6. Authorize the usage of the Base token and USDC token.

  7. Confirm the deposit transaction.

  8. Once the transaction confirms (approval + confirmation) you should receive your BPT tokens.

  9. You will be able to see your pool position summary at the bottom of right hand side of the tab.

Q: Why are there times when I can't provide liquidity at FX rates?

A: When providing liquidity to non-USD stablecoin pairs, we follow the current LP ratio in the pool and not the “FX rate”. It “looks inaccurate” because one token has a higher ratio in the pool while having a conflicting “real world price” that we visually expect. To learn more about how this novel FX Invariant works, read more here and see more FAQs here

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