General FAQs

How does Xave's FX Pool work?

Xave’s FX Pool is built to support market accurate swaps between tokenized currencies, commodities, or any tokenized asset with an off-chain price. The FX Pool uses a proprietary bonding curve we call the FXInvariant. This curve is optimized to mimic real-world markets, while setting programmatic thresholds that allow stablecoin pool ratios to snap back to ideal market ranges to maintain pool health. You can read more about this here.

Where are the FX prices quoted from?

Xave’s FXPools uses Chainlink price feeds for each of the supported currencies.

What stablecoins does Xave support?

Xave works with issuers that offer fiat-backed stablecoins denominated in a variety of the world’s currencies. Our focus is on supporting the growth of non-USD stablecoins, and we add new currencies on a regular basis.

What does Xave’s governance token do?

The XAV token is built to a similar standard as Balancer’s BAL token, and is a key part of governance for setting FXPool parameters. Please review this page for a better understanding of how the process of locking XAV to mint veXAV works.

What is Xave's official application?

Xave's official app domain is

We will never DM a user on Telegram, Twitter or on Discord first. Please do not interact with any UI that does not fall under our official app domain.

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