XAV Launches and Exchange Listing

Xave will have its IDO, IEO, and Exchange Listing this Q1 2024.

What is the timeline for the LBP, IDO, IEO and exchange listings?

LBP on Dec 20: Early access sale for Balancer, Avalanche and stablecoin issuer communities before we kick off official marketing campaigns.
VERY IMPORTANT: because LBP participants are early (discounted) buyers, the tokens will be vested for 3 months to be unlocked in time for exchange listings. Between December and March, we will be getting the token listed on Ethereum <-> Avalanche bridges in preparation for exchange deposits/withdrawals and DEX trading on either chain.
IDO in Feb '24 and IEO in Early Mar ‘24: First official token launches before exchange listings.
Exchange Listings in March '24: First listing of our governance token for public trading

Where will the DEX liquidity be deployed?

Regardless of where liquidity is deployed (Ethereum vs Avalanche), the token will be listed on bridges so you can choose where you’d like to trade.

What is an LBP?

To learn more about LBPs and the opportunities they unlock, you can reach Fjord's documentation around the process to understand it better here:

What are XAV’s official channels and token listing?

Official Channels/Listing
  • XAVE Discord:
  • Token will be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap closer to IEO in Feb and exchange listing in March. Anything you see on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap before then does not necessarily reflect the eventual listing price
Different Tokens/Impersonating

Where will the token be available (for the LBP)?

The LBP is on Avalanche. This is a buy only LBP: after the LBP ends tokens will vest for 3 months and then unlock after the IEO in February, which is also when the token will list on a few diff. exchanges.
The token will be listed on bridges, so regardless of where the dex liquidity is deployed it will be accessible.

What do I need to participate in the LBP?

The LBP is on Avalanche, so you'll need USDC on the Avalanche network. If you already have USDC on another network, such as Ethereum (as an ERC-20 token), you may bridge to Avalanche using a 3rd party service such as Core.
If you're new to bridging between blockchains we'd strongly encourage you to review this instructional video.
Direct link to the Xave LBP Sale here (now concluded):

Where can I claim my vested tokens after the 3 months are over?

Vesting tokens can be managed directly on Sablier’s website (switch network to Avalanche)
Take note that any tokens purchased during the LBP will be 100% claimable by March 26, 2024 @ 8:00 UTC

How many tokens will be offered for the LBP? Will we also be circulating supply for public launch? Any max quantity per person?

There are a total of 2 million tokens being offered in the LBP. This is the first buy-only LBP on Fjord's new V2. What this means is that once tokens have been purchased they will vest for three months until after the March IEO when the token begins trading on exchanges. There is no limit on the allocation per person.

What’s the market cap or Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) for the LBP?

The LBP is a dutch auction. The price range will start at 7.5 USD per token (an implied FDV of 750M) and move down along the price curve until buy pressure settles on a final price at the end of the sale.

Why a long holding period (3 months)? What sets you apart from other projects?

We're definitely unique vs. other projects out there. Most projects sell tokens to fund an idea they have, but we've gone about this in the other direction. We've spent the past year building a product, signing partnerships with major stablecoin issuers, and making sure that we have product market fit before deciding to issue our governance token. Now that we've crossed the threshold of $50M of FX volume and are onboarding new partners we're excited to bring in the broader community to benefit from our growth.
We have a lot of interesting things coming out this year!

Why did we utilize Fjord for the LBP?

It was a strategic decision based on the past volume for LBPs and other opportunities. But feel free to check out this article also.
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