XAV Launches and Exchange Listing

Xave will have its IDOs, DEX, and CEX Listings this 1H- 2024.

What is the timeline for the IDOs, DEX and exchange listings?

Here's a timeline and access points of our first official token launches and exchange listings.

Where will the DEX liquidity be deployed?

Regardless of where liquidity is deployed (Ethereum vs Avalanche), the token will be listed on bridges so you can choose where you’d like to trade.

What are XAV’s official channels and token listing?

Official Channels/Listing

  • Token will be listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap closer to the IEOs and exchange listing. Anything you see on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap before then does not necessarily reflect the eventual listing price

Different Tokens/Impersonating

What sets you apart from other projects?

We're definitely unique vs. other projects out there. Most projects sell tokens to fund an idea they have, but we've gone about this in the other direction. We've spent the past year building a product, signing partnerships with major stablecoin issuers, and making sure that we have product market fit before deciding to issue our governance token. Now that we've crossed the threshold of $50M of FX volume and are onboarding new partners we're excited to bring in the broader community to benefit from our growth.

We have a lot of interesting things coming out this year!

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