FXPool Final Audit

PeckShield Audit

The review focused on the FXPool contract that was built on top of Balancer's v2 Vault. There were 5 issues (1 critical, 1 low, 1 information and 2 mediums) pointed out during the audit review. These issues have been resolved. Please refer to our Audit Report on PeckShield github here

Akira Tech Audit

Akira Tech's audit focused on manually reviewing the codebase, searching for security issues such as, but not limited to, re-entrancy problems, transaction ordering, block timestampdependency, exception handling, call stack depth limitation, integer overflow/underflow, self-destructible contracts, unsecured balance, use of origin, costly gas patterns, architectural problems, code readability. Issues were closed on the updated version of the FXPool contract.

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