Xave's roadmap is focused on driving our core use-case: scaling the tokenized economy for RWAs to bring the $7 Trillion daily commodities and FX market on-chain. We're working with a variety of new issuers of stablecoin and RWA issuers to make this a reality, and will be regularly adding new assets to over the coming months.

Our partnerships are leading us to build other products together into 2024:

  • An FX Lending Market where stablecoin issuers + LPs + stablecoin farmers borrow USDC to earn high APRs

  • “Xave Strategies” that build stablecoin earnings strategies (think Yearn but focused on high quality stables)

  • An FX optimised oracle network for high availability FX feeds needed by stablecoin issuers + LPs

These 3 upcoming products will be launched in 2024 in a manner that rewards;

  • early LPs who deposit liquidity in

  • and all the buyers of our on chain launches (such as the Fjord LBP on December 20, 2023)

Stay tuned for updates on newly listed assets via our Twitter and Discord.

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